Its Texas- Its Different!

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Texas is one of the most progressive states in United States of America. It comes second in the race of land area as well as population but its real image is highlighted by its high level of energy distribution throughout the state. The diverse power options it uses to produce electricity truly makes it a high-tech region in this modern world.

There were times when US was facing worst of its power crisis and then emerged one state above all others, crossing all hurdles and making US self reliant in energy sector and its none other than Texas. Today it prides itself of providing 24×7 electricity to each household and industry in the region.

It has constantly received many awards and praises for its quality and consistent work. Texas has hosted many global events where it showcased the high-tech image of US at universal level and its energy distribution has been a center of attraction from the beginning. The government of Texas have also played a very positive role in uplift the power sector in state.

The era of golden period is observed to be started when government privatized the power sector and big companies took over it in pursuit to expand their reach and profit. This led to the overwhelming positive response and success. Texas energy boasts itself of exploiting all available resources to produce energy. Some of the major energy options that Texas explored successfully are wind energy, tidal energy, thermal energy and hydel energy, Click Here to check some of the energy initiatives in Texas. Although coal was also used extensively in beginning to produce electricity but with the rise of eco-savvy technology and cause for global warming, its use decrease dramatically.

Government of Texas also supports and encourages eco-friendly energy options as an international responsibility to fight global warming. Texas energy is vivid and diverse, it ranges from wind energy to hydel energy and from thermal energy to tidal energy. It has produced electricity from wherever it is possible. Texas energy distribution has become a catch of eye for international community and many developing countries like India and China are developing their power sector keeping Texas as an inspirational guide. In the wake of global warming alarm, Texas has once again proved that it can survive without causing any harm to environment.

Most of the Texas energy firms are using eco-friendly methodology to produce clean energy. It produces around 12,212 MW electricity from wind energy only that is being distributed across 40 separate projects throughout the state. It is also believed that in last three years, the oil production has been doubled and has led to create new Texas energy story.

What could be seen as a very positive development is the fact that the overall energy product from natural gas has also increased. It experienced a whooping seven percent growth in last 2.5 years. It now accounts for 36 of total energy production in Texas as of 2013. Texas energy equations have changed drastically in recent times.

Texas has developed itself as the power hub of US and this change must be praised and followed. It would be worth watching in coming times whether Texas will manage to hold its image of a eco-friendly state or will it drown into the race of blind development keeping environment on stack?

The Greenest Textiles For A Green Living

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Clothing is one of the areas that too few people think about when it comes to green living. The truth is that manufacturing clothing takes a lot of energy resources. You can limit your environmental impact by minimizing your clothing purchases of new clothing and choosing green materials. Here is a guide to the greenest clothing materials for eco-friendly folks.

Bamboo is one of the greenest choices when it comes to clothing fibers. It is a renewable resource that is very sustainable and makes a very durable fabric. In much the same manner, hemp is another quality Read the rest of this entry »

Why Teak Is A Sustainable Solution For Outdoor/Indoor Furniture

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Teak is a legendary tropical hardwood with a checkered past. There is no better hardwood for boat decks and indoor-outdoor furniture. Durable fas iron or steel and virtually weatherproof, it is highly sought all over the world.

That’s part of the problem, because most teak is grown and harvested in southeast Asian countries. In the past, virgin teak forests were clear-cut, a process that decimated the local environments and communities for short-term profit.

That is no longer the case. New restrictions on clear-cutting and new export Read the rest of this entry »

Leading Eco-friendly Materials For Packaging Divulged

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Getting rid of petroleum-based packaging and plastics that never degrade is one of the best ways we can reduce damage to the environment and extend the life of our landfills at the same time. Here’s a few innovative ways to start doing your part!

Use popcorn instead of peanuts. You can cushion fragile items for shipping by using air-popped popcorn instead of foam peanuts. Enjoy a healthy snack while you’re packing up those Christmas presents!

Buy products from companies that Read the rest of this entry »

Why Bamboo Is An Eco-friendly Option For Home Building

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Bamboo is an excellent green alternative to other home building materials. Bamboo is an incredibly eco-friendly and versatile building material that can be used for a variety of projects. You can choose to use it to create an entire house or you can use it to design certain aspects of your property. Bamboo flooring is a very popular option in new homes and in renovations. There are many advantages to using bamboo including the fact Read the rest of this entry »

Lesser Known Eco-Friendly Materials At A Glance

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It seems as though there is a higher global awareness of the environment these days, which may have something to do with initiatives to conserve natural resources and save the Earth’s O-zone layer in recent years. However, one aspect of “going green” that many people tend not to think about is that of buying eco-friendly home and clothing products. Specifically, few people are aware of the eco-friendly materials that are out there these days and that can be great for clothing, furniture, and a number of other goods.

For starters, bamboo is one of the most Read the rest of this entry »

Tropical Deforestation: What It Means For Planet Earth

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Our world uses so many products made from wood and wood derivatives like paper. Few people stop to think of how, exactly, we are feeding our habit of using products make from trees. The answer? Tropical rainforests. Not only do disposable paper products add quite a bit to the amount of litter in the world, they contribute to a much larger problem of global climate change.

It shouldn’t take a genius to tell you that we need oxygen. All carbon-based Read the rest of this entry »

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